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What Love Can Be
You know that love is necessary, life sustaining,
But coming from you even that is an understatement.
Selfishly, you take without reciprocating.
Even those that you protect detect no sentiment.
You always crave more because you remain
Unacquainted with the real thing.
You underestimate what love can do.
Love can be what mends you when you're worn,
Stands you back up when things fall through,
And reinforces you against the coming storm.
Joined in love, you could be much stronger than this.
Together we are much stronger than your tricks.
This reasoning is lost on you.
To you love is but a means to sate your desires,
To feed the hunger at your core.
You have forsaken the very thing you claim to need.
Please allow me to demonstrate
What love can truly be.
:iconcryptated:cryptated 3 0
What Love Can Be (Cover) by cryptated What Love Can Be (Cover) :iconcryptated:cryptated 5 3
A Need To Make Amends
There is nothing that I need
Besides time to study, things to read.
I have a family that support one another
And the best mentor one could ask for.
Much more than many others can say.
Perhaps I have let schoolyard pals fall by the wayside,
But those elementary days have long gone by.
I have more important tasks to attend.
My well-being does not cusp on being your friend.
Can we postpone this for another day?
My studies lead me somewhere new,
Albeit still farther away from you.
New faces shape my learning and career
And I couldn't imagine being anywhere but here.
As shared hardships enforce a we
And shared accomplishments teach me
What friendship can truly be
I wonder if there are mistakes behind me.
Can you forgive me?
:iconcryptated:cryptated 1 0
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Destiny Isn't Easy
Feverfew clambered up the steps to the princess' School for Gifted Unicorns at her father's behest. The  stallion smiled warmly at her, his pride in her palpable. Bronze Valor nudged his daughter through the front door.
The little unicorn's hoofsteps echoed down the hallway; she hesitated and braced herself at the sound. Maybe I'm too early? she thought. Everything about being here filled her with trepidation and she wasn't sure whether she preferred this ominous silence or the crowds of foals that would doubtlessly soon arrive. Foals who were likely more accustomed to Canterlot, the grandiose nature of schools like this, and such unicorn heavy company... Feverfew's own mother and best friend were both earth ponies. She clenched her eyes shut, images flashing through her mind: Tiger Lily's pained smile as she bid her daughter and husband farewell, Cookie Crumble's open weeping and hiccuppy voice as she told Feverfew to write her and passed a cellophane sack of cookies throu
:iconcryptated:cryptated 3 0
First Day Anxiety by cryptated First Day Anxiety :iconcryptated:cryptated 0 1 Star Sweeper by cryptated Star Sweeper :iconcryptated:cryptated 12 1 I Heard That It's Me We Should Blame by cryptated I Heard That It's Me We Should Blame :iconcryptated:cryptated 4 0 You're Never Alone by cryptated You're Never Alone :iconcryptated:cryptated 19 4
You Are My Rock
Silent as stone
Without judgment to pass.
Stable enough to lean on.
You've stood the test of time,
A reliable friend.
You are my rock.
Unassuming stone
With glittering quartz inside.
:iconcryptated:cryptated 1 2
Dark Skies Tell No Lies by cryptated Dark Skies Tell No Lies :iconcryptated:cryptated 2 1

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(Note: This post is about a player-created map I'm working on, to be used for Furcadia. If you're not a Furcadia player, this post is probably useless and confusing to you. Sorry!)

I've been working on a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic role playing dream called Eponymous, Harmonious in my free time. This is a fully custom patched dream which is a sizable task for me alone. I have received some help from a couple of people, but there's still a lot more that needs doing.

All that said, I am looking to hire additional patchers to get things completed faster than I might otherwise be able. I have a very editorial nature where creative projects are concerned, so I need any artists I hire to be comfortable with me combing over their work after the fact. The dream has a 'style' to aim for, which is essentially a pixelly and slightly more shaded version of the show's style.

Eponymous, Harmonious - Preview Dream v2 by cryptated
There is a preview dream up. Whether you're interested in patching or not, you are welcome to come visit and hang out with us.

If you are interested in patching, please whisper me in-game on Applejack or Kono to discuss specifics, pricing, and so on. Please have some examples of your patchwork ready to show me.

  • Reading: A Dog's Purpose
  • Playing: Pokemon UltraSun


Kris N. Wilson
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Subeta / Twitter / Tumblr / Instagram / Pinterest
Kono on Furcadia. -- Cryptated on AdventureQuest 3D.
Skype and Discord information available upon request.

I go by Kris, Stray, Cryptated, or Kono depending on where you know me from, among other names. I am a jack of all trades and master of none... which means I'm horrifically unconfident, but not entirely incompetent.

I'm a lifelong Pokemon fan, although nowadays I stick to the video games and leave the rest of the franchise alone. I've been working on art assets for an MLP:FIM role play dream for Furcadia.

Please feel free to send me a note. I'd be glad to meet new people. I promise I don't bite... hard.

:bulletpurple: Tokotas :bulletblue: :bulletgreen:

DFTBA stamp by anime-girl13 Books over all by PixieRiot 20 Percent Cooler by Dachindae What Defines Us by SheTheFemale
I Heart Tea Stamp by croaky eat flesh stamp by thechaosproject I Sniff Books by MademoiselleGrief Raichu 'n' Furret Stamp by Kezzi-Rose


The giveaway for This Lullaby ends Sunday night. If you're interested in winning a copy of my friend's poetry collection, please click the link.…
I just got annoyed with the thing I was making and crumpled it back down into a ball of clay and threw it in a plastic bag. I feel like this is an on point analogy for my life, somehow.
I couldn't decide what I wanted to get caught up with after Hedley, so now I'm just going alphabetical by what's on my shelf. My patching soundtrack for the time being is more than half of Anberlin's discography. I'm pretty sure the only post-Cities songs I know are 'Blame Me! Blame Me!' and 'Haight Street'.
Tonight, in Kono's musical adventures...

Person in pony Facebook group asks whether we'd prefer to be friends with Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash, or Moondancer and Lightning Dust. Somewhere in there they refer to the latter as 'MoonDust'.

I (sarcastically, mockingly) remark to myself, "Yup, shipping it now just because 'MoonDust' sounds cute."

Seconds later, "Wait, don't I know a song called Moondust?"

So, here we are.


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